Online Reputation Management

Anyone can write negative and damaging remarks about your business online. This can be extremely harmful to your online reputation. With consumer awareness being at an all-time high it is very important to protect yourself from damaging reviews. Regardless of who writes them, it will be difficult for potential customers to trust your company.

Your company's online reputation isbecoming an increasingly important factor.

It can cost thousands of dollars to establish a strong online presence. A few misguided reviews and negative comments can undermineall your efforts. Just think about hotel reviews for a moment.The first thing youwill do when taking a vacation is to go through the online reviews for a hotel or resort. Even if they have a great overall rating and it looks likea good spot to stay, if they have a few harmful reviews, then you will second guess staying there. The same thing can happen to your businesswith online reviews.

Sometimes it may not even be your past customers, but it may be your competition underhandedly trying to slow your business down and gain anedge on you. This happens all too often! Having a positive online image is a must!

With our online reputation management service, we can help you by handling negativereviews and showing your business in a more positive light. Whether you are a small or large business, we can resolve your reputation issues. We use ethical practices to give you strong results. It's not about simply removing hurtful comments, it requires ongoing effort to be successful keeping your reputation positive.

Here are the services we offer

  • Monitor social channels and new links to see what comments are being posted.
  • Analyze both the positive and negative reviews and gage the extent of damage.
  • Defend the harmful comments, and develop and promote positive reviews.
  • Control and push down the rankings of the negative reviews by pushing them down the search results.
  • We increase the ranking the positive reviews so that they get more visibility.
  • Provide comprehensive reporting on all activity, both negative and positive comments. We show you our efforts and progress to keep your company protected.

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